What We Do

Our Aim

The aim of the Sarah Kinsley Fund is to help pay for those things that can really help the child or young person and their family, that are just not available from the NHS or the education system. We hope to enrich the lives of the child or young person or at the very least make life just that little bit easier.

Who do we support?

We are a very local children’s charity that covers the geographical areas of Ringwood, Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Downton and the villages in between. The child or young adult must live in the catchment area, although may attend a school outside of that area. Children and young adults from birth to 19 years of age, who have special needs, are eligible for assistance. The special need may be physical, emotional, developmental, illness or learning difficulties. Sometimes this is a temporary situation, more often it is permanent.

What do we offer?

Many families face additional expenses with children and young adults who have special needs. The Sarah Kinsley Fund can assist in filling this void with the purchase of special equipment or services that are not available from the National Health Service or Department of Education or other statutory body.

The types of help we have provided to children and young adults include:
• A buggy • Kindle • Specialist bed • Computer Equipment
• Hearing Aids • Therapy Equipment • 1 – 1 Teaching Assistance (swimming lessons)

Support to the family:
• Driving lessons to a mother to take her child to regular hospital appointments.
• Funding to enable a parent to attend a conference about their child’s rare condition.

Getting Help

Click here for your next steps to getting the essential help you need.

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