During this difficult period many young people with special needs are shielding or self-isolating. We recognise that this could be putting an extra strain on some families. We are keen to encourage more referrals for grants from us.

A statement from our trustees:

We are acutely aware of the additional burden that the current Corona virus pandemic has placed on schools and children in general, and especially on the children with special needs and their families and carers. 

We are keen to offer support where we can, but we must continue to be bound by our charitable purpose, which means that we can only help children with a recognised “special need”. This can be “physical, mental or developmental, permanent or temporary”. We are willing to be broad in terms of the definition, but any referral must demonstrate the special need of the child concerned. 

For these children with special needs, we are happy to consider funding additional equipment for use at school or at home, or special services such as one-to-one tutoring. However we are unable to fund things which should be covered by normal statutory funding.

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